Saturday, May 12, 2007


Bossini Jeans "1987" - $30
I got this pair of jeans the same time I bought my S&K jeans. It was on sale and since I need a completely new wardrobe of jeans (all were worn out and loosing shape, not that I am getting fat, but I am reduced to 30 from 32). They offered free altering service, so I only managed to collect it one day after the day of purchase. Regular rise, Straight through and ends. I hope they will look good on me, since I thought the low rise, slim through and straight ends, as of my S&K jeans, are really funky. Long Live F4! *headbangs with the love handsign*

OEM All-in-One Card Reader - S$7.50
At such a ridiculous price, I doubt this OEM card reader is going to perform up to mark. I compared the file transfer using my Kingston 2GB Elite Pro SD card, between my existing TwinMOS (branded) USB2.0 card reader and the OEM reader. The OEM card reader took 20s more to transfer 300MB file. I also compared the file transfer using my new Kingston 2GB Ultimate CF card (see below), between my D200 (rated the fastest by reviews compared to card readers) and the OEM card reader. The OEM card reader took 30s more to transfer 300MB file.
The conclusion is that the card reader works but is definitely the bottleneck in file transfer.

Kingston 2GB Ultimate Compact Flash Card - S41
Now at the speed of 133x, no more bottleneck in shooting with my D200. If you ask me why not go for 4GB or higher? If it is more expensive, why not buy Elite Pro (50x)? It is always better to carry more small sizes cards than a large size card. Should anyone fail, you have a spare! Yes, I can go for multiple 4GB cards as well, but are you gonna buy me one!? Elite Pro are rated 50x speed. I am sure they will fine with my D200, since I will not be shooting high burst rate. Hence, I could get a Elite Pro or even basic cards (1x) for my D200, provided that I do not use much burst mode, as a matter of fact, I don't. The only problem with these low speed cards at high capacity is when transferring that huge amount of pictures onto a desktop. I had tried my this Ultimate card on my camera. It takes 40sec to transfer around 110MB. Just imagine it is 133x slower! However, since I mentioned that the OEM card reader was the bottleneck in the file transferring process, whether I use a Elite Pro or Ultimate CF card, I am sure the transfer rate is still the same, since the limiting factor is still the card reader. So I might even get a 4GB Elite Pro CF card or even 1x card, 'cos its cheaper!


Laurens said...

ur 30secs more is 30secs more outta how long of the total transfer time?

edna said...

gone down 2 sizes .... not good since you are already too 'slim'. Thought you had lost weight in your recent pics.