Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stability with Manfrotto Tripod

After I lost my quick release plate from my SteinSeizer tripod during my Punggol trip, I knew I had to get myself a new tripod and a better one. I need one that is sturdy and durable, as mine was flimsy. I was looking through a few models, I was quite impressed by Giottos and Benro, both being china-replica of Gitzo. They really made their products up to the standard of the European products. Both china products came with a padded bag whil Giottos had an additional tripod strap. I was tempted but the price of those China made quality tripods are similar to one of the Manfrotto tripod on promotional offer. I had always said that I wanted to get a Manfrotto tripod, which is made in Italy, but comes without a carrier strap or bag. Since Manfrotto gives 5 years international warranty and so I made my choice today. I bought the Manfrotto 190EX tripod and Manfrotto 486CR2 ball head from CP at promotional rate. The 190EX tripod have a similar construction to its predecessor 190PROB.
This whole setup costs me more than S$200 but no more than S$300.

The packaging for Manfrott products are quite simple.

A rubber covers the tripod head mounting screw on a cast-steel base.
There is a L-hook that allow adding of weights.

The only rant I have is the plastic quick release levers that the promoter insisted that it is magnesium alloy. Nevertheless, 5 years of warranty should be able to cover this.
The tripod extends to a 3 tier height and the center column can be quick extended to make the tripod above my eye-level.

The metal lock controls the angles of tripod legs.
A detail 'how-to' operation of the tripod is avaliable

Setting to the lowest height with column in place.

The rear of the column can be removed via pushing the ball spring button. The bottom piece can then be inverted and mounted onto the tripod by a simple method using the ball spring button to lock the mount.
The lowest possible height.

The tripod head packaging is identical, except size, to all Manfrotto products.

This a ball-head.

My own description of the various parts of the ball head.

The 486CR2 mounted onto the 190EX

The tripod can support a 5 kg load and the head can support a 5kg load as well.
Now I can tilt my camera from horizontal to vertical with confidence and peace of mind.

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Laurens said...

i like it dat it can become low standing to take toy pix

WILLIAM said...

That is the advantage of the Manfrotto tripod over the Benro and Giottos that caught my attention. They got a neat looking bag, while Giottos gave a tripod strap as well,
sadly, mine got none of the above.
Care to sponsor me a tripod strap?
Cheap cheap S$35 only.

ber said...

great buy! I'm still awaiting for my ppcp tripod.

WILLIAM said...

ber, which model did buy?

ber said...

the ppcp version 2(upgraded).... they have one model only

WILLIAM said...

oh yes. i went to see.
does it come with bag and strap?
its good to invest in a good tripod though, at least a benro.
IMHO, the benro $155 bundle should be fundamental for your setup.