Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Outdoor Photography Accessories

I got myself these accessories from the 'Army Market' at Beach Road, for outdoor photography trips. On the left include 2 large karabina hooks (non-rock climbing grade), 1 medium karabina with compass key ring attached, plastic buckle (male and female), plastic loop, weaved nylon strap. On the right, is a chemical defense gas mask pouch by D&G.

Chemical Defense Gas Mask Pouch
Left: Front left perspective; Right: Rear right perspective

Left: Rear velcro straps. There is one main top-to-down strap with an extension also velcro with a plastic hook. Across is one thick velcro strap with plastic clip for fastening to webbing or thigh; Right: Top opened

The size is nice for a water bottle.

The intended use was to attached to the side of my Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home and for quick access/storage of lens or filters etc.

My original intention was to look for those generic sling pouches (aka Chalk Pouch) with cushion inside, to use for lenses or bottles, but most of them are intended for hooking using karabina to belt loop or for slipping across belt. Most of them are not able to be mounted top-down, which was what I required. Furthermore, they are mainly drawstrings and though quick access, but contents are not completely sealed and not to mention water-resistant. Then, I came across a Lens Pouch by Tatanka which are the right type of mounting using buttons instead of velcro. I passed on that since it is not versatile and expensive ($25-28), though water-resistant guaranteed. There are other pouches that seem like a fusion of the Tatanka lens pouch and chalk pouch, they are slightly cheaper (~$18) but a tad too small. Hence, I decided to settle for the D&G (not to be confused with the designer brand) CD Gas Mask Pouch which is reasonably-priced for the versatility and size, I just hope that it is water-resistant, but nonetheless, I will always have ziploc bags ready.

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Shaun said...

cool lah, with your gas pouches, you can qualify for SOF already.