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Tesla Model Y Performance - A Week Long EV Test Drive in Singapore

A Week Long EV Test Drive in Singapore Tesla Model Y Performance Dual Motor, AWD Thank you to the good people at Tesla Singapore for making this week long test drive of the Tesla Model Y. The model that I drove was the "Performance" variant, which essentially is the highest end specifications featuring:  Dual Motor with 514 km range (WLTP standard) All-Wheel Drive Top speed up to250 km/h 0 - 100 km/ in 3.7s 21’’ รœberturbine Wheels Performance Brakes Lowered suspension Aluminum alloy pedals Carbon fiber spoiler We are currently at an era where the world is much more conscious about the climate change. Traditional automakers are scrambling to roll-out their electric vehicles (EV) alongside their standard internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Tesla is not the first company to have an EV, but it definitely comes to the mind when you think of an EV. Why? That is because everyone knows who Elon Musk is. The man who bought over social media "Twitter" and rebranded it

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