Sunday, August 27, 2017

How did Borneo killed the Harrier?

Toyota Harrier has always been has always been hailed as a premium Toyota and closet in terms of build quality, to its Lexus RX cousin.

So what is so great about the new Harrier Turbo compared to its NA brothers that have long been a common sight on our roads?

I have 7 reasons to mark my disappointment for this highly anticipated model.

  1. Harrier Turbo paired with its 6 speed AT just didnt pack any omph and feels a drag to reach the speed that most Turbo easily shoots to. From the lights, I was like anticipating a sudden pull and shoot off at 1650rpm but I was waiting... waiting... waiting...*yawn* and wait I'm already at 80km/h! It puts the Lexus NX200t to shame when quoting the same engine.
  2. In a bid to maximise margins, both Elegance and Premium grade are decked in PVC door trims and seats are wrapped in PVC and ultrasuede. Only the 170K Luxury, comes with Nappa leather seat that honestly do not feel premium. Any PI version wins hands down! Who uses PVC these days and moreover in a $150K car!? Any local fitted leather wins hands down too!
  3. The local fitted Toyota HU is disconnected from the car. For any car in that price range, at least one should have certain connectivity with the on-board computer.
  4. My impression of Harrier has always been needing to climb up. Harrier Turbo somehow feels lowered compared to the usual PI versions. Lowered may be a good thing for corners but not when the drive packs no punch.
  5. While most cars of this price comes with nifty gimmicks such as park assist (which it has but meant parking sensors/beepers), blind spot monitoring, brake assist etc. You get nothing on the Lexus Turbo.
  6. Steering wheel feels cheaper compared to its PI brethren. Although I don't fancy polished wood on steering wheels, but at least it makes the Harrier feels premium.
  7. The reverse camera paired with the local fitted HU is a big fat joke. The resolution is so bad that you cannot enough make out what you are reversing into. The biggest joke is that it lags and skips frames! That is a serious hazard issue!
Saving grace for the Harrier Turbo is that the cabin is equally well insulated as its non-Turbo brethren.

If buying from authorized agent gives you a peace of mind, think not twice but so many times that you will lose count because Harrier from the PI is so much more premium for a tad lower price tag, and being a long running model, it is easy getting parts and service in Singapore.

With that budget, why not check out:
1. Subaru Forester XT
2. Mazda CX5 2017*
*NA car

Or if you really want a Harrier, ditch the Turbo and go with a PI version which is a good grab now as agents clear their non-Euro 6 compliant NA models.

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